Residential Recovery

The most intensive recovery program that we offer is Level I. In Level I, we offer a residential recovery program where clients live on property and go through an intensive 30, 60 or 90 day healing process–all just 400 feet from the Pacific Ocean.

This will include up to 25 hours a week of counseling, life-coaching and wellness which include individual and small group therapy, CBT, DBT Skills Group, Relapse Prevention, Surf Therapy, Meditation, Aqua Therapy, Recovery Life Coaching, Somatic Body Movement, Yoga, Exercise and more. We also offer our unique transformative and immersive adventure/nature program throughout the most special and sacred sites of Maui. In addition, for those struggling with trauma, EMDR is also available if indicated by the clinical team. We also offer mobile on-site medical services, with Dr. Danesh and 24-7 staff supervision.

The reality of addiction is that it rarely exists in a vacuum. Frequently those suffering from addiction also experience issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental health problems. All of our staff are licensed at a Masters’ level or higher and have extensive experience dealing with both mental health issues as well as substance use disorders.

We’ve also incorporated “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” into the clinical protocols of Maui Recovery. Unplugging from our devices, developing a sense of healing community, physical exercise, immersing oneself in nature–those things alone can be more therapeutic than sitting in a therapist’s chair and venting about your life.

Nature immersion is an evidence-based intervention. Having adventures in the magical beauty of Maui–hiking up Haleakala, diving off of a waterfall, enjoying a majestic sunset–all have therapeutic value. Especially for people that have fallen into toxic and self-destructive and addictive habits.

Indeed, outdoor nature immersion, also known as “Adventure Therapy” has been researched as OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare), more typically associated with adolescent wilderness-style programs, but which also applies to the nature immersion and adventure therapy we are doing in Maui.

Nature immersion can be even more powerful and transformative when the struggling person begins to understand the deeper significance of certain experiences. Psychiatrist Carl Jung pointed out that there are certain universal myths and archetypes that help us to not only better understand our lives, but also the universe around us; these myths and archetypes–often found in nature–can imbue our lives and our experiences with unimaginable power and meaning.

So often, the struggling addict feels lost and devoid of a healthy sense of self or of a sense of purpose in their lives. But when they can finally begin to reframe their experiences using the intrinsic power of archetypes such as the “hero’s journey”, they can then begin to understand and reframe their addiction.

Thus, instead of the archetype of the villain or the victim that is so often unconsciously adopted by the addict, the person suffering from addiction can now begin to see the adversity of their addiction as an opportunity to be the archetype of “the hero”. When that occurs, unimaginable magic–including sobriety–can happen!

At Maui Recovery we are the world’s only addiction recovery program that uses Myth, Archetype and “the Hero’s journey” as an intrinsic part of our recovery model and employs masters-level clinicians that are trained to help guide each client through this “Hero’s Journey”–all while using the magical, mythical island of Maui as an essential element and ingredient in this transformative experience.