Sober Living Program

Transitional Sober Living Homes for Recovery Addiction

With addiction as an epidemic in this country, taking lives every 30 minutes each day, the industry is learning how to find the best approach to help treat, care and guide people through the recovery process.

As of late, the model has been 30-90 days initial care then step down to sober living. The problem with this, is that people are in a contained and strict environment, then they go right to the other extreme of total freedom, even though they are in a sober environment. This is a failed model, we know because of our experience level and industry knowledge.

Sober Living in Hawaii

With completion of 30, 60 or 90 days addiction program (we recommend 90 days whether coming from our extended care program or another facility that has a good reputation) each resident needing more structure, care and guidance can transfer to the Transitional Living Program.

Residents continue to live in a recovery community, go to 12-Step meetings daily, and participate in a Peer Support Group and community group therapy for addiction once a week.We also offer a wellness/outpatient program if you or your loved one is looking for addition support, counseling, guidance and development. (see wellness program/outpatient).

A Maui Recovery staff member lives in the recovery community and is available to monitor and assist with any problems or questions residents may have. All residents are required to follow rules and guidelines designed for the Transitional Living Program, and each resident is required to work, be a volunteer, or go to school for at least 20 hours each week as part of transitional living at Maui Recovery.

The transitional sober living community is a place to practice using the tools of addiction recovery, practice self care and focus on applying the 12-Steps to solve every day problems while living with other recovering individuals. Learning to be become vulnerable and honest is the foundation of lasting recovery, and a safe environment is the way for this to unfold. When combined with openness to direction and experience of others, and the willingness to follow suggestions, a strong foundation for individual recovery and a stronger community is developed.

Maui Recovery’s Transitional Living program is another step in the addiction recovery process that helps to provide every opportunity for a healthy and happy recovery life, as one develops and grows into their healthier Self.

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