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Maui Recovery’s Programs

Maui Recovery is a Transformational Recovery, Aftercare and Sober Living Program that provides a nurturing, intimate and safe environment that allows for real healing and recovery work to occur. Embracing a best-practice “continuum of care” philosophy, we offer four levels of care that allow our clients to move through recovery, therapy as well as two powerful and transformative experiential options described in our treatment program.

We offer a full range of clinical services with Masters-level clinicians, as well as therapeutic and healing outdoor activities several times a week to promote emotional, psychological and physical well-being. All of our programs are housed in a beautiful serene property in a 24 hour monitored sober environment, just 600 ft from the Ocean.

At Maui Recovery, we have an “Ohana” which means family. Everything about our program is to create, instill and cultivate a family and bonding community, being able to re-do our family life over again, but this time with others who are all on the same journey of healing and recovery. Our blend of recovery and wellness programs, strong staff support, spiritual experience thru “Aloha” as well as the recovery and healthy living community are what really make the success of our clients thrive at Maui Recovery.

The following is a brief description of our programs:

Level 1: Residential Recovery Program

The most intensive recovery program that we offer is Level I. In Level I, we offer a residential recovery program where clients live on property and go through an intensive 30, 60 or 90 day healing process–all just 600 feet from the Pacific Ocean. This will include up to 25 hours a week of counseling, life-coaching and wellness which include Neurofeedback, Equine Therapy, Meditation, Expressive Arts, Self-Love Work, Somatic Body Movement, Yoga, Exercise and more. We also offer an adventure/nature program throughout the most special and sacred sites of Maui, recovery meetings, case management and supportive staff supervision 24/7.

The reality of addiction is that it rarely exists in a vacuum. Frequently those suffering from addiction also experience issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental health problems. All of our staff are licensed at a Master’s level or higher and have extensive experience dealing with both mental health issues as well as substance use disorders.

We will meet with each individual before admitting to assess the needs of that person and to then create a customized recovery program to best address their specific needs. Several times a week, our clients engage in outdoor activities and adventure therapy to promote emotional and physical well-being, developing a healthy lifestyle and enriching their self esteem. Maui Recovery has specially designed these exercises that are fun, enjoyable, and stimulate the body and the brain, helping our clients develop habits to live a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Level II: Extended After Care Program

Level II is our Extended AfterCare Program that ranges from 30 days to 12 months. This program is tailored for anyone who has at least 30 days sobriety, completed Level I, and is ready to have more freedoms while they practice the recovery and life tools they have learned. In this program, our residents can live in a sober living environment on our main campus and attend our daily outpatient therapy program as they begin to look for jobs and prepare for stepping down into sober living.

Unfortunately, most people leave inpatient care and move right back home or into independent sober living, without any additional structure or support. Statistics indicate that this lessens the chances of long-term sobriety success (over 92% of people eventually relapse) when people leave residential care without stepping down to a more supportive environment with additional care. Extended Care is that essential transitional piece when the client is the most vulnerable–when they have left the safe container of 24/7 supervision and care–yet where they still receive help and some structure and support while enjoying more freedoms and privileges. This best prepares clients for the challenges of the “real world” once they fully step back out into their everyday lives.

That’s why our extended care program offers relapse prevention and life planning/case management:

Relapse Prevention

While an individual is in our program, he or she will receive extensive relapse prevention education. Maui Recovery Center offers several workshops to provide our residents with the tools that will support a smooth transition out of recovery, help them to identify and avoid the triggers that can lead to relapse, and empower them to respond to relapse in a healthy and productive manner without falling back into the destructive behavior patterns of ongoing substance abuse.

Life Planning/ Case Management/ Counseling

The day an individual begins their stay in our Extended Aftercare Program at Maui Recovery, members of his or her case management team begin to develop a personalized aftercare plan and walk with them during their stay to ensure they are making progress and growing in their recovery. This plan will document the individual’s progress while in our care, identify any issues of concern, and clearly define the specific steps that will guide him or her along the path of their recovery. Among the elements that may be included in a residents plan are professional referrals, community-based resources, outpatient programs, counseling opportunities, and 12-step support group meetings in the area.
While in our extended care, we will fully come alongside you and set you up with our strong recovery community, Alumni, sponsors, counselors, and job opportunities that our alumni hold in the community. We also offer an incredible amount of support within our community, with access to our Doctor, Therapists, Counselors, Adventure Therapy trips, wellness program, case managers, and community events we have twice a week on our property. Our clients have raved about the level of care, attention and support they receive while in our care. We go the extra mile for every individual who finds their way into our program, and that reflects our values of who we are as a leadership organization.

Level III: Sober Living Program

Level III is our third track. This is our step-down Sober Living Program, perfect for anyone who has at least 60-90 days sobriety and is ready to live independently, begin work or school and begin their life with the tools they have learned. In this program, our residents can live in a sober living environment, directly on our property. This allows for the bonds and relationships to stay in tact, while continuing to get ongoing guidance, community support, daily structure, and, as needed, counseling with our therapists while living out in the real world.

  • The following are among the many features and benefits of living in our sober living residence:
  • All residents may attend our wellness program if they so choose, and in some cases it is mandatory depending how much sobriety they have
  • They will receive a structured environment with a 24/7 staff to supervise residents
  • All residents will receive a personal case manager to help support them in their aftercare journey in recovery
  • Beautiful living accommodations with two residents in a room on a serene property
  • Use of washer and dryer onsite
    Transportation to and from daily scheduled recovery meetings
  • Residents are required to be clean and sober, with zero tolerance for the use of alcohol or drugs and strict enforcement of all house rules
  • Weekly visiting day with family members and other loved ones every Sunday

Level IV: Outpatient Program

Maui Recovery offers group and individual therapy as well as some holistic and supportive groups on our residential campus for our Level IV clients who are living independently. This level of care also includes: group and individual therapy, counseling, case management, doctor visits, medication management, and neurofeedback. Our program will target and address addiction, underlying issues, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and trauma.

When a Resident comes to Maui Recovery Level IV after completing his or her time in residential care, they begin an entirely new journey of aftercare that Maui can offer. We offer a customized program that really tailors to each individual needs as they begin their aftercare. We are honored to be able to continue to support them through the post-recovery phases of their recovery. We also help get you involved and plugged into the Recovery Community in Maui and involvement with 12-Step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and others.


One of our kahuna performs his song “Circle that Surrounds Us” at nearby Makena Cove, Maui.