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Our Residential Program

Our program consists of numerous therapeutic sessions on a daily basis, available at least 5 days per week and potentially more depending on the specific needs of a given resident. We provide each resident with a custom program that is intended to actively treat the conditions and ease the suffering of the afflicted individual. As we examine each resident’s Tree of Life, we know the branches are the addictions, but underneath that are the roots.  These roots are why we are self-medicating. We find at the root level, the shame, guilt, anger and negative belief systems about oneself and the world in which they live. And when these root level issues are triggered by everyday life, the pain is too unbearable to deal with or process through alone.  Lacking the needed tools and therapy, the individual sees using or self-medicating as the only option.  This process creates the self-sabotaging patterns. This then brings on yet another layer of shame and ‘proof’ that their belief systems are real, and yet more sickness develops in the mind and body. This, in essence, is the sickness of addiction.
Maui Recovery offers the highest level of care in our residential extended care program where we will customize a day program for you.  The program is designed to offer support, education, accountability, and therapeutic counseling to those who are struggling with substance dependency and related disorders described above. Our Extended Care program focuses on identifying and addressing underlying issues and contributing factors.  We have found that key is really working on releasing the shame, guilt, and anger, whether it comes out through grieving or sometimes through necessary anger work.
Our program focuses on healing holistically and therapeutically while setting a solid and lasting foundation for meaningful, long-term sobriety. There are many components that truly set Maui Recovery apart from the rest; however, one of the most notable is the emphasis we place on the development of healthy and effective life skills which we utilize in our full step down process. Our program is geared towards helping residents learn to efficiently function in the real world without the use of drugs and alcohol while developing a fundamental sense of self-worth, compassion, and self-esteem. Our program offers the accountability and continuous support that many individuals need while navigating through early recovery.  We provide the safe environment, a caring staff, and the resources needed to get sober, address the root causes and go through the healing stages.  After this work is done then we rebuild through our step down process where we create the support, structures, and environment needed where individuals can come for long-term stays and go through the full transformation and development process.
The most successful individuals have come for 6-12 months.   They arrived totally dependent on drugs or alcohol, self-medicating due possessing a whole sense of shame and low self-worth.  Today, they are now examples of how Maui Recovery helped them go from trying to survive in addition to successfully living a life in recovery. Some have stayed through our sober living program and are even part of our staff. At Maui Recovery, we are a boutique Recovery Program that offers a full continuum of care that walks with you through every stage, until you are able to walk on your own, with God, and to then helping others.
transitional sober living home

During PHP group sessions, the following topics will be addressed in detail:

Relapse Prevention
Holistic Healing
Effective Communication
Trigger and Craving Management
Dual Diagnosis Disorders
The Disease Model of Addiction
Family Functioning
12-Step Immersion

Our therapists utilize numerous proven therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Mindful Living (with an emphasis on emotional regulation). We also hold monthly intensives where some of the most trained trauma facilitators from the mainland fly in to lead psychodrama, internal family systems, inner child, and experiential trauma healing workshops.  Our primary focus at MRC is teaching our clients to live healthy and fulfilling lives free from the devastating grasps of addiction and substance abuse, while healing the wounded inner child within. We work on restoring mental, emotional, and spiritual health while laying a sturdy foundation for long-term, meaningful recovery. For more information on our Program, please feel free to call us today at (877) 317-8260.