Spirituality & Psychological Development

This Program will guide you on an enlightening journey across the emotional landscape of your own inner psyches. Using self-tests and practical advice, the program in which we use the books Inward Bound & Iron John study intensives will teach you to master the art of emotional Intelligence and understanding the path of the Hero’s Journey, a process of discovering your True Self and True Individuality, and how to understand what your minds and bodies are really telling you through the ups and downs of your emotions.

Paying special attention to “negative” emotions such as anger, depression, grief, and especially boredom—the undiagnosed disease from which most “normal” people suffer—This Program will show you how the low periods in your lives can actually be the impetus for the most profound and lasting change. While most people deny emotional lows in the hopes that they will go away; eat, drink, or tranquilize themselves with drugs; take pills; or otherwise fill their time with empty activities, they instead teach you how to re-vision negative emotions as positive way stations on the path to self-discovery.

This program makes a profound impact, in which you will come to see your life as a personal Myth, understand the great mythic-poetic truths hidden in all the great religions, philosophy and stories and powerfully relate your life to these great internal and hidden truths hidden in mythology, to encounter an awakening at just how real this mystery and process of transformation is not only real, but real for YOU and your life.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but rather a mystery to be Embraced”