Low Self Esteem

Approval seekers go out of their way to get other people to like them. It’s not the same thing as people pleasing, where the person just wants to make others happy.


Is your family a source of joy and laughter? Do you feel really good when you think about your family? Unfortunately, some adults grow up in unhappy homes. Their parents and siblings called them names (stupid, weird, annoying) so frequently, they’re convinced they’re undesirable. Even highly successful people could be dealing with hidden pain from the past.


Sometimes, a good attitude isn’t enough. Relationship patterns can go deep, and all the determination in the world won’t get rid of them if you don’t have help. These can lead to issues in competitiveness or anger. The desire to win or be the best at something is very normal. However, perfection addiction takes it to another level. Everything has to be perfect, from penmanship to pork roasts.


At Maui Recovery, we realize that self-assessment can be an exercise in pain. If having a flawed family troubles you, tell yourself that all families fall somewhere between perfect and destructive. We frequently have clients that identify themselves as people pleasers. People pleasers put others before themselves, even at the expense of their own needs. Our codependency program gives countless sufferers the tools they need to move forward and conquer obstacles.

How Do People Feel About Me? What Do They Think?

It’s not unusual for people pleasers to also seek out approval. At Maui Recovery, we have the tools to help. By acknowledging past traumas, our clients are able to take their lives back.

At Maui Recovery, We Strive to Give Clients the Support They Need to Overcome Their Roadblocks.

Children from such homes grow up believing there is no pleasure to be had in life. Everything is plain, boring, or uneventful. Tragically, some individuals commit suicide because they were programmed to believe this. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could delete negative thoughts from our systems, like a computer? If only it were that easy.

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